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The programme runs in the cinema, KD Junior, Sokolovna (gym), Sportovní hala (sport’s hall) in Tyršova Street in Chotěboř. The routes from the train and bus stations and main crossroads are marked with posters; the town is not big, you cannot get lost.

Map including positions of all the rooms in the festival buildings is a part of the information brochure and you can also find it on the information boards.

FF reception is situated in the cinema, opened from 8.30 AM to 0.30 AM. You can purchase there the tickets for the convention, seat reservation tickets and services. It also serves for checking in and souvenir sales, as well as the Information Centre and Other services.

Rozmístění programových linií FF 2015 do jednotlivých budov a místností.

Outline of the programme buildings, maps and photos of the buildings and rooms – will be completed.

Overview of accommodation and photos of the accommodation facilities

Places for festival’s refreshment, menu, minilayout of nearby restaurants, open hours of shops, gas stations, etc. Also can be found in the information brochure.

Maps and plans

Chotěboř on the map of CZ

Map of Chotěboř (black&white, printable)

Map of the centre of Chotěboř (black&white, printable)

Air photograph of Chotěboř and its surroundings (1 MB)

Air photograph of Chotěboř centre (1,1 MB)

Virtual look at the central square of Festival fantazie with all its important buildings (except for some accommodation facilities). Can be controlled with mouse.


Chotěboř is the second biggest town in the former region of Havlíčkův Brod, with its 8 thousand inhabitants. It is situated on Českomoravská vysočina (Czech-Moravian Highland) in 519 meters above sea level, near a protected landscape area Železné hory (Iron Mountains). Chotěboř lies 120 kilometres away from Prague and 120 kilometres away from Brno, see Transport.

At close quarters of the town, you can find a wilderness area of Údolí Doubravy (Valley of the Doubrava River) with a nature trail. Doubrava River runs through a canyon-like wooded valley and composes beautiful and wild curves with rocky riverbed and numerous rapids.

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