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Program chart - FF 2015 in time and place (updated 2.6.)

Registered programmes of FF 2015 with annotations (updated continuously)

Program FF 2015 schedule excelpdf (updated 2.6.)

Program for Android (not updated yet)

Explanation of shorts in the schedule of FF

Registration of your programme into the program

Organisers have the right to change the schedule on the spot.

The printed program schedule can be found in information boards.

The program schedule for attendees is at disposal in the FF reception and the entrances to the schedule buildings, in the evening, the day before.

Annotations of the programmes are in the paid information brochure and in applikation Condroid.

Main time schedule

Reception opening 1st July at 4 PM
Program opening 1st July at 5 PM
Opening ceremony in KD Junior 1st July at 9 PM
Talks, lectures 9 AM - 1 AM
Videogames 9 AM - 2 AM
Board games 9 AM - 2 AM
Festival closing 12th July at 3 PM


Program lines

BritCon     FB

ComicsCon     FB

Fantasy & History

Gatecon FB

MoveCon a OutCon     FB

NightCon     FB

SuperNaturalCon FB

ThroneCon FB

Trekfest   FB