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Festival fantazie is, when we take its wide propagation in account, highly noticeable and has the ability to offer its partners intensive and effective presentation aimed at target group under favorable conditions.

Festival does NOT have tens of thousands visitors just rushing through within 2 hours, concentration spread between hundreds of corporate booths and a hot dog stand. What the festival has, are several thousand people spending several days truly studying and experiencing your offer, as well as discussing it with their friends. Partnership with Festaval Fantazie is not for foolish nor lazy marketing staff, able only to spend hundreds of thousand for accompanying costs of propagation itself ;-).

Partners of Festival Fantazie are those companies, which are able to appreciate and make most of offered opportunity. What? Contact us, please.

Presentation of FFestivals

Why to support FFestivals?

exceptional venture

  • easily distinquished from other festivals
  • longest running series of festivals in Czech Republic – support the first
  • attendance comparable with big company festivals
  • intense cooperation with community

popular content

  • blending of popular events


  • growing interest about sci-fi & fantasy, comics and games
  • interesting and growing target groups
  • low cost partnership
  • creative and intensive promotion of partners


  • experienced organizers
  • highly-developed organization
  • build trade mark