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The organizer of series FFestivals is a nonprofit civil association SFK Avalon r.c., founded in year 2001 by members of the sci-fi club Avalon (from year 1994).

SFK Avalon has got two employees. Other organizers, leaders of program lines and authors of programmes prepare and realize festivals in own free time. For hundreds of volunteer hours they get only symbolic bonus. Revenues of festival they dedicated to improving of the program, organization and technical support. Festival partners provide parts of the program and give rewards for tournaments, help with promotion, partially contribute to the operation of gaming club, participation of guests and other. Most programs voluntarily provide tens of fan clubs and persons from all Czech Republic.

Through the volunteer character organizers try be professional and they have hot responsibility for the rented property and safety of participants. It increases the demands on observance of Rules for Participation. Please, help by early warning for minor problems, that can be corrected. Organizers in duty you can identify according to shirts and organizing card, organizers off duty according to card.

Main organizers

Václav Pravda


Strategu of development, partnership and cooperation, global organization, program, web, guests, marketing, operation control

Petra Gerstnerová


Support for director and other main organizers. Accounting, administration, processing of orders (admission, accommodation and other services). Leader of refreshment services.

Tomáš Bačkovský

deputy director

Leader of gamehalls. The support for partners. Special tasks.

Radek Novický

deputy director

Leader of technical arrangement for program. Special tasks.

Marek Augustin

reception leader

Leader of reception desk. Tickets, participant materials, sale of seat reservations and memorabilia. Information services.


Direct e-mails are linked above. Other contacts.