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Organization rules

Please try to understand that it is essential to establish certain rules and compliance with them to have FFestivals run safely and to satisfaction of all participants. The organizers are responsible for rented buildings, equipment etc. The rules are established according to the rules of the Czech Fire Department, Police Department, local municipality and building owners.

Ignorance of the rules excuses no man.

If you have any doubts, see any error in the organization, witness breaking of the rules, have any wish or complaint, please speak to the organizers (in orange “STAFF” T-shirts and name tags). They will answer your questions and/or help you. Most problems can be fixed if they are announced early.

FFestival is held by fans for fans. Because of that, we demand better awareness, responsibility, independence and tolerance among all participants. We will part with those who don’t know how to behave, so we can ensure the FFestival is more enjoyable for rule-abiding and helpful participants.

Thank you for co-operation and abiding by the rules.

Your organizers, non-profit society SFK Avalon.

Basic Rules

Your obligations as the participant:

1. Introduce yourself to the rules and conditions of given services, and abide by them.

By purchasing the ticket and services, the participant promises to abide by the rules of the FFestival and the services purchased by him, and is aware that serious or repeated violation of the rules can cause banishment from the FFestival, accommodation and other services without any compensation. The banishment can last for any FFestivals held in the future.
The organizers are not responsible for any harm to equipment or health of the participants, particularly if they are caused by breaking the rules of FFestival or general safety.

2. Respect and follow the directions of organizers and leaders of Cons.

In case of conflict between the participant and the organizer/con leader, the final decision is made by deputy director or director of the festival.

3. Abide by fire and safety regulations.

Smoking (hookahs included) is allowed at labeled places only. In hotels, hostels, dorms etc. the rules of the owner apply.
Starting fires or using of gas and electric heat-emitting appliances is strictly forbidden anywhere in the area of FFestival. Hair dryers etc. can be used in the bathrooms.
In accommodation units, the appliances can be used only in labeled places and only in the standard way.
Appliances found used in a way that break the rules can be collected at the front desk of the FFestival.
Attendance of the participants under 15 is allowed only if the participant is accompanied by a person of legal age (parents, sibling, relatives, teacher, group leader etc.) or if he has a written consent of his legal representatives.
Take advantage of the locker room, don’t leave your luggage unattended (to protect your belongings and to leave a clear route for potential evacuation).

4. Have your ticket ON YOU AND VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES and show it to organizers as you pass the entrance EVERY TIME.

The participant is obligated to undergo a closer inspection of the ticket, in case of the doubt of the organizer. ID may be requested.
Ticket can be given to somebody else only through the front desk.
Damaged tickets are invalid and they can be replaced at the front desk. Lost tickets cannot be replaced.

5. Have your accommodation ticket on you and show it to the organizer EVERY TIME you pass the entrance or are given your keys.

Entrance to the accommodation unit is allowed with the valid accommodation ticket to the given accommodation only.
It is forbidden to arrange accommodation in the units used by FFestival on your own.

6. Do not disturb your surroundings.

Respect other participants for the duration of the FFestival and keep the area of the FFestival and its surroundings clean and peaceful. This applies also when moving to your accommodation unit.
The Silent Hours of the FFestival are from 12 am to 7 am. During this time, it is forbidden to make noise and have an excessive amount of light on in the accommodation units, area of the FFestival and its surroundings.
For the duration of the programme, don’t disturb the speaker, don’t cross the rooms or look into the rooms in disruptive manner.

7. Follow common courtesy.

When communicating with the staff and other participants, be polite.
Give way for people leaving the room or building. Don’t sit or stand by the passages.

Consuming of your own food and drinks in the bars, bistros and programme rooms of the FFestival is forbidden.
Playing games or using laptops in the bars and bistros of the FFestival is forbidden.

8. Follow general hygiene.

It is important to follow general hygiene, shower, use deodorants, change clothes, socks and shoes, so the others are not bothered by body odor, bad breath or smelly feet and shoes. We recommend to bring a few pairs of shoes, in summer months also open ones. In collective accommodation, leave the shoes in front of the room.

Animals of any kind or size are not allowed to the FFestival. Exceptions are made by the director of the FFestival or his deputies.

9. Tidy and recycle, keep clean.

Keep clean and expect the same from other participants. The garbage goes in the garbage can. Gum, cigarette butts and matches are also garbage.

Recycle clean plastic, dry paper, glass and other garbage into the assorted garbage cans. Open and step onto the plastic bottles, don’t break the glass bottles. Paper plates, greasy and wet paper go in the common garbage.

Notify the organizers of the full garbage cans, general mess or any problematic participants responsible for the mess.

10. Do not break the equipment. Return the bottles and dishes. Keep an eye on your belongings.

Look out for any breaking of the equipment of the programme rooms and buildings, accommodation units, bars and bistros and city equipment. Please report any vandalism immediately to the closest organizer or call the HOT LINE.

If an accident occurs or if you break something, tidy up and notify the organizers so it is possible to prevent any further damage or injury.

For your lost belongings look in the locker room or at the front desk. The organizers are not responsible for any thefts.

11. Abide by the laws of the Czech Republic, other law norms and municipal regulations.

We would like to point out that it is against the law to:

  • share illegal copies of anything
  • use drugs, recreational ones including
  • drink alcohol if you are under 18

When buying alcohol, the staff can ask to see your ticket that has indication that you are over 18. We recommend showing your ticket regularly if you are young or young-looking. To those over 18, remember your responsibility to not order alcohol for younger friends. You may be refused service if the staff has doubts concerning your age or if you are heavily intoxicated.

Follow the rules for parking: Do not park at spaces marked by No Stopping signs. Do not part in front of gates and garage gateways. Do not park closer than 5 metres in front of and behind intersection limits. Do not park closer than 5 metres in front of a crossing. Do not park in the opposite direction. Leave a clear route (at least 3 metres wide) for both directions.

Other rules

Information found on the web site of the FFestival also imply other rules and customs that we would like you to follow. Thank you.