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About festival

In 1996, one hundred of fans of sf&f have met in KD Junior (house of culture) at first Avalcon. In 1998 SFK Avalon organized national Parcon, in 1999 program of Avalcon have raised and appeared more common name: Festival Fantazie. FFestivals have raised since that time, to became the biggest festivals of pop-culture in Czech Republic. Practically without donations and sponsors.

In 2002 Festival Fantazie was promoted to whole-europian Eurocon and at the same time to national Parcon (also in years 2003, 2005). Organizing citizen association SFK Avalon leading by Václav Pravda organizes more events: FF Special in Chotěboř first time in 1999, and from 2002 to 2011, when was FF Special again promoted to Parcon; and FutureCon in Prague in 2004, PragoFFests 2010 – (succesor of Pragocons), FanCity 2011-.

Series of FFestivals still remain mostly for fans, but still aspire to professional performance and maximal satisfaction of attenders. Organization, program and services still going better and more large. Organizers have worked out plenty of breakthrough changes and they are like examples to other Czech conventions.

Goal for organizers was to built good-quality well known and plentifully visited sequel of festivals of fantasy and games with rich fan and even professional program, big game rooms and wide and quality services. It was managed. The top is this year's 20. year of Festival Fantazie. Unfortunately because of economic and fan situation in Czech republic it seems that other grow is unreal and for next year is planned many of limitations.

Presentation of Festival fantazie 2015