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The most important

Festival fantazie is the biggest convention of pop culture in the Czech Republic, including sci-fi, fantasy and horror in books, games, movies, comic books, etc. The 20th year brings foreign guests, 1 500 hours of programme and many more improvements of organisation and services.

Date: 1. - 12. July 2015

Reception opening 1st July at 4 PM
Program opening 1st July at 5 PM
Opening ceremony in KD Junior 1st July at 9 PM
Talks, lectures 9 AM - 1 AM
Videogames 9 AM - 2 AM
Board games 9 AM - 2 AM
Festival closing 12th July at 3 PM

Place: Tyršova street Chotěboř

Reception desk in cinema (8.30-0.30). Detailed information about place.



A special buses from/to Prague.

By car: from Prague by D11 route through Velký Osek and Kolín. From Brno through Havlíčkův Brod.

By train: Chotěboř is situated on Pardubice (cca 2 hours) – Havlíčkův Brod (cca 20 minutes) railway.

By bus: Direct links from various cities of the Czech Republic.

Parking is forbidden between KD Junior and ZŠ Smetanova. Map of parking.

Detailed information about transportation and parking can be found in section Transport.


Rozmístění programu Festivalu fantazie 2015 (aktualizace 2. 6.)

Přihlášené pořady i s anotacemi (aktualizace průběžně)

Program FF 2015 excelpdf (aktualizace 2. 6.)


Entrance fee:

Entrance tickets can be bought beforehand or onsite. Until 31st of May with 20% discount.

Ticket type Payment untill May 31 Payment later
Wednesday July 1   0 CZK 20 CZK
Thursday July 2  120 CZK** 150 CZK
Saturdays July 4+11, Sunday July 5 40 CZK** 300 CZK
Sunday July 12 80 CZK 100 CZK
Single day ticket for other days  200 CZK** 250 CZK
Whole FF (full ticket & max.price) 1920 CZK 2400 CZK

* discounted = 200 / 270 CZK
** also a price of half-day "shifting" ticket purchased at the event

In section Fee you will find more information about the entrance fee and discounts we provide – for example 50% discount for participants of 8 – 12 years old. Instructions and the application form can be found in Participant’s Application. Current rate of participation is shown in the List of Participants.


From sleeping bags through boarding houses, hotels and even a luxurious family hotel. More nights = lesser price for each of them. Accommodation will be provided even to those who will check in in place. For more, go to Accommodation.

Refreshments and catering:

We provide several buffets of our own: FF bar, hoFFpůdka (pub), čajoFFna (tea house), buFFet and its outdoor stand Fast Food, biFFtro and diFFcotheque (indoor food/drink stand) with vast and cheap menu. There is also a cinema bar Velký Voči. We also provide catering to the participants in hotel Vysočina’s buffet. And of course, in Chotěboř, there are a lot of restaurants, pubs and bars.

Details in section Refreshments.

We do remind you of the prohibition of consummation of one’s own food in spaces of program and catering of Festival fantazie.