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Unrivalled film experience, amazing atmosphere, the screenings in cinema full of fans, up to 6 films a day (10, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 - horror)

Previews, special premieres

The Deadly Invention

Digitalized movie in preview - 12. July at 11 AM

Terminator: Genisys

Czech premiere - 9. July at 6 PM

Films in program

  Name Day Time Format
   Hobit: Neočekávaná cesta      
   Hobit: Šmakova dračí poušť      



Bold letters - arranged. Standard letters - is being solved. Italic letters - impromable.

Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy, historical, horror, fairytales/animated, action movies, others.

E+S = English version with the Czech subtitles
O+S = Original version with Czech subtitles
M = mother language of FF = Czech/Slovak

Seat reservations

To attend the screenings of the films in the cinema you will have to buy the seat reservations. The seat reservations can be bought in advance only with All Inclusive additional charge. Directly at the Festival will be the seat reservations provided by the reception and the stand in the vestibule of the cinema.

The price of the seat reservations are 30-40 CZK for regular films, 50/80 CZK for just released movies.

The seat reservations help to cover the costs of the films and rental of the cinema and hiring the projectionist, they will also help to improve the comfort of the participants.

The cinema went through reconstruction last year; the entrance hall was reconstructed after the 2014 FF.