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Extra programme

Opening ceremony of Festival fantazie

1. July at 9 PM in the Big Hall of KD Junior

3 founders Václav Pravda, Tomáš Bačkovský and Vašek Hochman talk about their memories of the beginnings of Festival fantazie in 1996 and the following years. Projection of photos.

Gala evening of the 20th Festival fantazie

3. July at 9 PM in the cinema

Sylvie "Draky" Šustrová will host an evening of fun with the theme "20 years of FF". More information to follow.

Seat reservation ticket 60 CZK (in advance 45 CZK).

FF Cosplay

5. July at 9 PM in the cinema

A popular costume competition led by Padmé. Register here.

Seat reservation ticket 60 CZK (in advance 45 CZK).

Roast pig

3. July and 10. July at 5 PM in front of Sokolovna

A roast pig at FF has become a tradition. On our anniversary we will even offer two! We'd like to point out: please, keep your surroundings clean, take care of your rubbish, separate waste (greasy paper belongs to general waste) and return beer bottles. Thank you.

Večer fantazie (closing ceremony)

11/ July at 9 PM in the cinema

The traditional closing ceremony with announcement of results of the literary award Aeronautilus, dance and entertainment programme, book launches and so on.

Seat reservation ticket 60 CZK (in advance 45 CZK).


1/ July at 10:30 PM

A completely new concept of organization with many more prizes and an option for picking up the prizes anytime during FF. The main prizes will be drawn traditionally after the Night of fantasy.

Thanks to the festival's partners, the price of the raffle prizes amounts to tens of thousands of crowns.

The tickets can be bough in the registration form in advance, or at the festival's reception for 20 crowns a piece. Discount for buying in advance, discount for buying a higher amount.

Night programme in the Hall

Every day from about 10:30 PM in the Big hall on the ground floor of the Hall. Refreshment available on site.

Den Datum Akce
Friday 3. 7. AsianStyle Party
Saturday 4. 7. Star Wars Party
Sunday 5. 7. Pony Party
Monday 6. 7. PlayStation & Wii Party
Tuesday 7. 7. Karaoke
Wednesday 8. 7. 80.-90. Party
Thursday 9. 7. Glee Party
Friday 10. 7. Rockotheque
Saturday 11. 7. Infantile discotheque

Night programme in the KD Junior

Denně cca od 22.30 ve Velkém sále v KD Junior. Občerstvení na místě.

Den Datum Akce
Thursday 2. 7. Karaoke
Friday 3. 7.  
Saturday 4. 7.  
Sunday 5. 7.  
Monday 6. 7.  
Tuesday 7. 7.  
Wednesday 8. 7.  
Thursday 9. 7.  
Friday 10. 7. Midnight ball
Saturday 11. 7.  


2. - 11. July from 12 AM to 8 PM in the basement of Sokolovna

An exhibition of artefacts of the 20 festivals. Old badges, entrance tickets, posters, photos and other reminders of the 20 years of history.

1.-12. July on the ground floor of the hall.

An exposition of photographs from past years of Festival fantazie.


Snooker is situated in the Big Hall of KD Junior during the evening programme.

Table football

You can play table footbal by the BiFFtro and in the evenings in the Big Hall of KD Junior.

Sale of books, action figures, games, accessories...

At Festival fantazie you will find several opportunities for shopping for festival prices. For example the bookshop, Sběratelský ráj especially for action figures, and for boardgames Albi or Mindok. Other partners (Fantasy obchod, Button Factory) will also offer their goods for festival prices.

Programme in Chotěboř and the ares

Information centre Chotěboř

Chotěboř on Wikipedia

Museum of Chotěboř

Permanent expositions: Collection of historical arms, Picture Gallery - Z. Rykr and J. Prucha, Bourgeise salon of the 1st third of the 20th century, Secession lounge from the beginning of the 20th century, Personalities of Chotěboř More HERE.

Seasonal exhibitions: not known