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14. 03. 2018 facebook

The Festival fantazie website is up to date for 2018. In the coming days, we will go through all the details and complete.


07. 03. 2018 facebook

The next phase of KD Junior's reconstruction is postponed for the next year, this year's Fantasy Festival will be held in the traditional building.


21. 02. 2018 facebook

The 10th FFCosplay will be held on July 4 at 20 o'clock. The competition will be preceded by a one-day Cosplay Line with workshops and lectures.


17. 02. 2018 facebook

The author of this year's picture for the Festival fantazie is Jakub Politzer. Order a poster, plaque, info-brochure. You can find the entire poster here.


18. 02. 2018 facebook

The first released version of the Fantasy Festival 2018 will hopefully no longer change. It counts with KD Junior even with the "gymnasium" variant.


16. 02. 2018 facebook

After PragoFFest, we are working on editing the site and updating the content for the upcoming Festival Fantazie 2018. Have a look!