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Admission FF 2019

Tickets can be purchased at the event or in advance include benefits (price discount, catering, choice and a reservation of accommodation, etc.)

Ticket prices for Festival fantazie 2015

Ticket price includes a rich and varied programme with a high quality of organization and technical support, extra services, participant materials, hygiene and tidiness maintenance, VAT.

Ticket price is determined by THE DATE OF PAYMENT ORDER (for all items).

Ticket type Payment untill May 31 Payment later
Wednesday July 1   0 CZK 20 CZK
Thursday July 2  120 CZK** 150 CZK
Saturdays July 4+11, Sunday July 5 40 CZK** 300 CZK
Sunday July 12 80 CZK 100 CZK
Single day ticket for other days  200 CZK** 250 CZK
Whole FF (full ticket & max.price) 1920 CZK 2400 CZK

* discounted = 200 / 270 CZK
** also a price of half-day "shifting" ticket purchased at the event

Damaged ticket/wristband can be replaced for you at the reception desk.
In a case of losing ticket/wristband we do not provide substitutional ticket.
Unused ticket/wristband can be transferred to another attendee only at the reception desk, otherwise the ticket is invalid.

Terms and conditions of changing your ticket and/or extra services purchase

Special tickets and discounts

Except for single (whole) day tickets we also offer half-day tickets, half-day "shifting" tickets, "by hour" tickets, or evening tickets. We provide discounts to children under 12 years of age, to disabled, and to senior citizens (60 years of age or older).

Special tickets and discounts can be purchased in advance after attendee registration or at the event. They cannot be obtained via "no registration" in-advance purchase.

Seat reservations

For any programme in a cinema you have to buy (at the spot or in advance) seat reservation tickets.

All Inclusive fees include seat reservations and other extra services.


Deadline of payments via an account is by 19th June and for payments by a card is by 27th of June. After that, tickets can be purchased only at the event.

Payment information – to which account transfer money, how you get to know if we obtained your payment, what is our exchange rate of CZK/EUR, how to get a bill, haw to prove your payment, etc.