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Active program

There is a chance to stretch your body both at FF and in the surroundings.

Music games

You will find Dance Dance Revolution and other music and dance games in Sokolovna (Main hall and side vestibule) during the whole of FF.


The programme of the MoveCon line includes dance, fencing and martial arts workshops from Thursday 2. July to Saturday 11. July.


OutCon includes all outdoors programme, from the entertaining Orclympics to archery and football match.


datum doplníme

Fifth year of a puzzlehunt through Chotěboř for teams of two to four. By solving a puzzle you will find out the location of the next station, the best teams will receive a liquid prize. A helpful system of hints makes the game well accessible to newbies. Registration and more detailed info at the MINDOK booth in the boardgames hall (Main hall of the hall on the first floor).

Football match of the Fantastic League

11. July from 11 AM

Many celebrities of the Czech fantastic genre will participate. The award is a challenge cup. Come play or at least cheer on. Rules.

Pétanque, badminton

Borrow equipment at the reception and play at the field behind Sokolovna. Lending free, a deposit and copied data from an ID as a security.


There is no swimming pool in Chotěboř. It is possible to go about 16 km to Havlíčkův Brod to an outdoor swimming pool or an indoor salt-water swimming poolone.

In Chotěboř it is possible to swim at the Břevnice dam. The beach is grassy and recedes to the water gradually.
WHERE: From the KD by the "long part of the T" to the grammar school and uphill to the roundabout crossing between a statue and a narrow corner house along the graveyard; turn right either right past the tracks or a bit further on in a dip to a footpath in the field.

Programme in Chotěboř and the area

Information centre Chotěboř

Sightseeing flights and tandem skydiving in Dobkov (5 km)
Horseriding in Sobíňov (7 km)
Four-wheelers, paintball and airsoft in Bílek (5 km)
Airsoft in Dobkov (5 km)

The Doubrava Canyon

Not far from Chotěboř the river Doubrava created a canyon-like valley full of rock towers and kettles, with a waterfall and a blockfield. A tourist nature trail of 4,5 km leads you through romantic sites (for example the Devil's stool rock and the opposite Sokolohrady full of stories), as well as habitats of many protected plants and animals. Dramatic rock formations attract rock climbers. The wild river trapped in a narrow valley offers an unforgettable sight. You can enter the trail by Horní Mlýn and after an hour of walking through rocky forest paths you get back to the calm surroundings of Bílek with rail and bus connections.

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